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Food can just be food for some people but when it comes to Arvin he craves and finds food that is Yummy!!!. Born and brought up in Penang and coming from a simple and humble family background Arvin has travelled the world and tasted varieties of food from around the World. His love and passion for Food has no limit’s. A foodie lover he is which made him to start YUMMYLINK to make sure everyone know’s the Yummy spots.

Dr. Lallan is a software developer and a trainer with a proven record of success, and has been in Information Technology for more than 15 years. His technical knowledge and ability to conduct training based on his real life working experiences has certainly enhanced his training ability. As an industry based consultant, his training has always been very well balanced with hands on experience. He has experiences in handling software projects for local companies, foreign companies as well as the government sector, and were also involved in ISO implementation in some well-known companies.Throughout his many years of experience in IT industry, Dr Lallan has been certified by CIAST as “Pakar Industri”, Appreciation Certificate for MySQL Trainer, awarded as the Best IT Entrepreneur in Federal Territory for the year 2012, Appreciation Certification for auditing ISO 9001-2000 series in software Development. He has also authored these e-books below:

“Learn Python Programming The Fun and Easy Way” – Top 10 Recommended Book Year 2018 at Softonic.com “Living with Linux in the Industrial World” – Listed at Online Encyclopedia known as Omnilexica.com “Ethical Hacking and Computer Securities For Beginners” – ITunes Top 100 Best Seller Book Year 2016 “Android Tips for Parental Control” – Listed at BookTopia.com.au The No 1 Australian BookStore

Dr Lallan is a Malaysia Book of Records holder awarded for his First E-Book titled Living With Linux in the industrial World published in Omnilexica Encyclopedia (Crontab).